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Ocean Ridge is a city in the state of Florida that has a lot of local businesses that can be seen when visiting. Because of this, it’s been tagged to be one of the best and the most sought-after cities in the entire Palm Beach County.

If you’re looking to start your investments in the local real estate down here in Ocean Ridge, feel free to give us a quick shout here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group.

None of our competitors were able to stand up against us and the orders we have. As a matter of fact, we went about acquiring and merging with some of them!

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group-Ocean Ridge FL

What Loans Do We Offer?

In case you’re slowly growing interested, we offer anything from the usual commercial real estate loans to private money loans.

For starters, commercial real estate loans are the loans you would want to take if you’re looking to invest in commercial real estate property.

To illustrate further, imagine purchasing an apartment building with four (4) floors and you plan on renovating the first floor to allow a mini-grocery or a convenience store in there. In that scenario, what you would want to take is a mixed-use loan, since you’ll be using one part of it for business, and the other for residential.

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Some of the best types of loans that we have under our sleeve include:

  • Hard Money Loans
  • Warehouse Loans and Warehouse Facility Financing
  • $1 Million Loans (Secured and Unsecured)
  • Medical Office Loans
  • Multi-Family Property Financing or Funding
  • Operating Lines of Credit
  • Machinery and Equipment Financing
  • And Many More!

You can take a look at our website to find the complete set of different loan programs and types that we offer!

Why Work With Us?

Our company will never be at the top if we never performed and if we never improved what other companies and real estate loan groups have already been doing.

As a matter of fact, you will never be able to find a company that can assist and helps you as well as us here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan GroupSo, the next time you need help in the event that you need to acquire, construct, build, or renovate a real estate property, you can bank and count on us!

Wherever you are in Ocean Ridge, FL, you can treat us as your go-to option for funding.

Forget about banks and the SBA – unless you’re willing to wait for more than a month; work with us and experience world-class quality customer experience with the best, the most convenient, and the most valuable interest rates for the loans you’re looking for.

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Get a Free Sample!

We’ll send you a free quotation or a free computation of the loan you are to take so that you know the rates and the payments – or how all of them would play out.

We’re transparent and we’ll give everything to you in one go!

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.

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To see other service areas throughout the state of Florida;