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Are you in Jupiter in Palm Beach County and you’re looking for a commercial real estate loan group you can trust and bank on for the development of your mixed-use property? Can’t you find a financer that would be more than capable of giving you the funds you need for it?

Here in Jupiter, FL, we here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group are deemed to be the best, the most sought after, and the most wanted commercial real estate loan group capable of providing mixed-use loans.

But, it’s imperative that you know what a mixed-use property is first before we tackle what a mixed-use loan is.

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group-jupiter FL

What is a Mixed-Use Property?

A mixed-use property is a property wherein it houses a couple of doors and has more than one (1) use. To illustrate further, imagine an apartment building, it contains more than two doors or units, right? But its main use is “residential.”

It can be tagged as a multi-family property or a multi-family house, but it’s not a mixed-use property. The only way it can be transformed into a mixed-use property is if any of the floors are converted or transformed into commercial.

For instance, if the ground floor is converted or transformed into a water station or a laundry shop, then it’s already considered a mixed-use property.

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Mixed-Use Loans: What Are They?

Now that we fully understand what a mixed-use property is, what is a mixed-use loan?

Mixed-use loans are, therefore, loans that allow you to build, construct, renovate, redesign, or even purchase a mixed-use property.

It’s the funding or the financing you can apply for to be able to get the funding you need to get or to acquire the property.

Our Mixed-Use Loans

Herewith us, taking out a mixed-use loan is one of the easiest and the best things to do. In fact, tens of people ask for it every single day and we have millions of dollars left out just because of mixed-use loans in the market.

If you are in Jupiter, FL, and you find yourself in need of a mixed-use loan, you can bank and count on us here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group to help you with it.

For years, all we did was provide all our clients with the needed funding or financing for them to be able to get the properties and the real estate they require.

Now, we’re making all of their dreams come true.

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