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Do you have a clear understanding of what industrial loans are? Furthermore, how well and how complete is your perception of industrial loans?

This guide will teach you everything you need to learn about lending – not just about industrial loans, but also about what a commercial & industrial (C&I) loan is. So, if you are looking for a guide that can teach you about what commercial & industrial loans are entire, this is for you!

Industrial Loans-florida commercial real estate loan group

Understanding What Commercial and Industrial Loans (C&I) Loans Are

In a nutshell, you can easily be able to understand and comprehend what a C&I loan is if you are a business. It is the type of loan that businesses take in order for them to suffice the short-term funding and financing their business needs.

For instance, let’s take this scenario: you own a shoe store company with about 5 branches all across the state of Florida. You miscalculated and the sale that you offered did more bad than good to your company. To be able to offset the overtime and the extra payments that my staff member asked for, I would need short-term funding – and I can secure one through a commercial and industrial loan.

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Pros of Taking Out Commercial and Industrial Loans

Now that you have the slightest of ideas on what these C&I loans are, let us briefly discuss some of the advantages and the benefits of taking one out.

If you’re looking for short-term funds for your business, you can consider commercial and industrial loans to be one of the best, the fastest, and the easiest ways for you to be able to access funding and financing. You wouldn’t need months just to get funds, in fact, it’s just usually a week and you’ll be able to get the results of whether or not the application for your C&I loan has been approved.

In instances like this, some put their reliance on equity investors; these investors, instead of asking for repayment of the principal and interest, want a piece or a slice of your company. It may sound good and better, but in the end, you wouldn’t like the idea of sharing a piece of a part of your company especially if it’s not yet making much money.

Last but definitely not least is the chance that you’ll be able to work with a reliable and considerate lender in the market. There are hundreds, if not thousands of lenders in and around the country. Your chances of finding a lender that’s considerate is high – so, don’t give up!


Cons of Taking Out Commercial and Industrial Loans

If there are positives in taking our commercial and industrial loans, there also are drawbacks and negatives that can go along with it. Some of these drawbacks include:

One of the most customary reasons that make these things worse is the fact that they can have higher-than-the-usual interest rates. Since you’ll be able to get them swiftly and urgently, some lenders are able to position it where they can earn a lot from it. To give you an average, the rates would be between 9 to 16% annually – but that’s only on the average. If you’re going to take out a hard money industrial loan, the rates could be substantially higher to the extent that it doesn’t make sense anymore.

In addition to high-interest rates, some lenders also position their loans to just have short repayment terms. This is to make sure that the borrower would be pressured and would be obliged to pay for the loan.

More often than not, commercial and industrial loans last for about one to two (2) years maximum. It’s rare for a C&I loan to last for five (5) years, and even more rare to last ten (10) years. If it’s going to reach 10 years, it can already be considered as a different type of loan, which can be a real estate commercial loan.

Another is the collateral that most, if not call C&I loans require. They’re usually high value and oftentimes, the collateral’s value wouldn’t even match the amount of the loan the lender would bestow upon you. If you’re here in the state of Florida and you’re looking for commercial and industrial loans that you can actually bank and count on, you can trust us here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group.

Who We Are

We’re the company that’s been trusted by thousands of businesses, especially those in the commercial real estate sector to provide a whole wide range of loans to them.

One of the best and the most sought after is none other than these commercial and industrial loans (C&I Loans). Apart from that, we also offer other different loans, including, but are not limited to:

  • Warehouse loans and warehouse financing
  • Private money loans and private money funding
  • Warehouse financing and warehouse loans
  • Condotel financing and hotel loans
  • $1 million unsecured loans
  • Multi-family housing loans
  • Mixed-use loans
  • And many more!
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In the event that you find yourself skeptical about whatever we’re promising, we’ll give you a free sample computation of the commercial and industrial loans you’re looking for. Never worry about where you can get commercial and industrial loans ever again! We’ll always be here, present to assist and to guide you with everything you need!

Wherever you are in Florida, you can call us or send us an email and we will be right with you. If you need a free computation, we can give one to you too! So, don’t worry about what payments or fees are there – we include everything in the free sample computation that we give you! We’re transparent and we’re overall honest with the fees, the inclusions, the rates, and everything!

Work with Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group, the best commercial real estate loan group in the state!

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