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Overall, Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group is the most sought after and the most trusted commercial real estate loan group in and around the state of Florida.

Whether you are in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, or in Palm Beach County, we’re just a buzz away and we’ll be right where you need us to be for the assistance and the help you need.

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Services We’re Offering

Unlike other loan groups and lending companies, we focus mainly on commercial real estate loans and give too few thoughts about the other different types of loans that other lenders and banks can give you.

As a matter of fact, the main services and the most sought after loan programs that we have and offer include:

These are the loans that are often given by a wealthy individual wherein he or she does not advertise or market the services entirely. But, with us, we give it to clients and our commercial partners who have good track records and good history with our loans.

We’re also capable of providing multi-family loans or the loans that you can get if you need to change up, renovate, rehabilitate, or even build a multi-family house or property. For the benefit of beginners, it’s the property that contains two (2) or more units or doors that are solely used for residential. You can own one and get a rental for it on a monthly basis.

You can also take out a mixed-use property loan from us if you have a building with a percentage of it being commercial or industrial and a percentage being residential. It’s dubbed and labeled as mixed-use loans because of the fact that the use for the property is mixed (i.e., residential and commercial; commercial and industrial; industrial and residential, etc.).

If you have a business and you need access to short-term funds, you can take out a commercial & industrial loan or a C&I loan. It is the type of loan that you would want to get if you’re having trouble with the overall company budget.

You can use it for many things like to purchase materials to continue the business, to fund wages and salaries of your employees and workers, if you’re looking to merge or acquire other companies, and many more.

You’re free to take out a commercial real estate loan if you want to develop, purchase, or build a commercial property or real estate here in the state of Florida. No matter how big or how small your business or your establishment is, so long as it houses a commercial unit, we have the best and the most appropriate loan programs available for you.

Need help with the funding of the construction of the building of your commercial property? Take out one of the construction loans that we have and we will be ready to provide assistance and give you access to the funding you need!

Our construction loans have been deemed and considered as one of the best and the most sought after because of the excellence and the discipline that we have in terms of money management and control.

If you need quick access to funds and you have nothing but your real estate property to put as security or collateral, you can take out the hard money loan program that we have. Unlike other companies, the hard money loans that we offer aren’t actually going to rip you off. In fact, they’ll be the most decent and the most workable you will see in the market. They’re not as low as how you want to expect but they’re absolutely better than what other companies and businesses are offering.

Other Loans You Can Get From Us

As we mentioned above, you can view the other types of loans that we offer on our website. In fact, you can also contact us about it!

If you’re not sure about what type of loan you need, you can inquire and ask our team about it and we’ll draft up a resolution for it at the soonest time possible!

Some of the loans that businesses take from us on a regular basis include, but are not limited to:

  • Machine and Equipment Financing
  • Condotel Financing
  • Medical Office and Medical Office Building Loans
  • And Many More!

Contact Us Now!

We work with a wide range of businesses and commercial establishments. We are not picky and we don’t choose whom to work with.

If you approach us, we’ll be ready to help you come up with the solution you need. If it’s funding, we got you – if you need operating lines of credit, we got you covered!

We‘ll never fail to give the funding support or funding assistance that you need wherever you might be in the state of Florida.

Get a Free Sample Computation!

Are you not sure how much you need to spend for the funding or the financing you need? Do you want to have some type of assurance before you take out a particular loan?

Should you want any type of security, we here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group can offer you a free sample computation of the loan program you need! We’ll be ecstatic to work with you – and we guarantee that you will be to us too!

Thousands of businesses trust us for the funding or the finances that they need annually, you can too! Whatever your business or your commercial establishment is, you can choose us to help you with it! What are you waiting for? Hit us up by dialing our hotline number or by shooting us an email! You can also access our website and fill out the contact form that we have there so we can get more information about the dilemma and the problems you need solutions too!

Work with us, work with the best and the most sought-after commercial real estate loan group in and around the state of Florida!

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