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In case you’re not aware, banks and other financing institutions provide commercial development loans. You don’t always have to rely on investors and capitalists for funding the development of your commercial establishment.

However, banks usually have strict requirements; requirements that are even stricter than that of the Small Business Administration (SBA). So, where can you get a high-value commercial development loan without being subject to the strictest and the worst of eligibility requirements and documentation?

Before that, do you fully understand the concept of getting a commercial development loan?

Commercial Development Loans -florida commercial real estate loan group

What is a Commercial Development Loan?

It’s the type of loan that developers and contractors can take in order to help with the funds and the finances of developing a commercial establishment. A commercial establishment, in this context, is any type of establishment or property that involves any type of activity with goods and commodities, sales, and services with a rental fee.

Furthermore, commercial development means that the property would be a project for non-residential utilization. Part of this specific category includes recreational facilities, shopping malls, hotels and motels, offices, public warehouses, etc. The goal in understanding commercial development is that it’s not residential and it’s not heavy industrial either.

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Commercial Real Estate Lenders

More often than not, many businesses forget that there are commercial real estate lenders that are present and existent to help and aid with their finances. One of the main reasons why commercial real estate lenders are the least selected is because of the high-interest rates and the shorter financing terms.

However, if you look at it from a business perspective, getting commercial development loans from them is better, and here are some of the reasons why.

Compared to banking institutions and the SBA, private money lenders or these commercial real estate loan groups will be capable of approving and OK-ing your loans faster and more urgently. As a matter of fact, they wouldn’t really put too much thought on your credit score. Instead, they would want to view or to look at the projections after the commercial property or establishment has been developed.

As we mentioned above, commercial real estate loan groups wouldn’t put too much stress on credit scores and histories because of the fact that it’ll be better and more efficient to look at the future or the outcome of the investment.

Unlike banks, commercial real estate loan groups are businesses that are owned and controlled by “real people” or “real businessmen.” As a matter of fact, there are commercial real estate loans that are family-owned because they want to be in close relations and ties with their clients! Therefore, you can expect to pay in a flexible manner no matter what type of commercial development loan you’ll take.

Usually, banks would give you an LTV ratio of 75 to 85%, but with lenders, it can go as low as 55 to 60%! That is, of course, dependent on some of the documentation and the requirements of lenders whenever they accept applicants. In technicality, you have the chance to get a better and a higher initial loan amount if you go with commercial real estate lenders.

Try to think of it, banks don’t just rely on loans to make money; they have a lot of outlets and inlets to make a profit. So, why would they focus on crafting the perfect commercial development loan agreement? On the other hand, commercial real estate loan groups would focus more on their loan terms because they know they are up against other private money lenders – not banks.

While all of these sound and seem good, they will be better if you are a contractor or a land developer with a proven track record and a rather positive history in the real estate development industry.

Best Commercial Development Loans in Florida

Wherever you are in the state of Florida and if you are in dire need of a commercial development loan, don’t hesitate to approach and to work with us here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group.

If you see a property and you want to add value to it but you lack the funds, we can easily be right with you and assist you. Regardless of how you want to do your business, if your goal is to commercially develop a plot of land or an already existing property, we have all the tools and the options under our arsenal!

Other Loans We Offer

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group is a company that specializes in commercial real estate loans. So, you can approach us even if what you need isn’t a commercial development loan. We also have other loans, including:

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You can check out the complete list of all the commercial real estate loans that we offer on our website!

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Do you want to secure the best and the most valuable commercial development loan in the industry? Are you looking for a commercial real estate loan group that you can consider as a business partner in the future?

Don’t hesitate to consider us here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group for it! We may not have the lowest interest rates nor the longest repayment terms and periods, but we can give you the absolute guarantee that you’ll be able to get your loans in the fastest and the most urgent ways.

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