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Greenacres is a city in Palm Beach County that is filled with businesses. This city is also becoming the ‘County’s culture melting pot’. It is home to a diverse group of residents who hail from Central America, the Caribbean Islands, and South America.

Developing businesses here in Palm Beach County is quite easy because of the assistance of the loan groups. As such, we at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group assure you that the resources your business needs will be provided for.

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group-greenacres FL

What Types of Loans Do We Offer?

There are multiple loans available our company can grant and offer you, but our focus is a real estate and lot financing.

Real estate financing is a method of financing on which we, the company, secure the funds required for an impending deal.

Construction Loans

A construction loan is a type of loan used for financing the construction of a real estate project. The purpose of the project can either be commercial or residential.  This loan usually lasts for only one year and is short-term in nature.

This type of loan can help you build your dream house easily but carries a lot of risks. Higher interest rates than the traditional ones and larger down payments.

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Commercial and Industrial Loans

A commercial real estate loan is a type of loan used for constructing, renovating, and developing a property that is for business purposes only. Properties such as apartments, hotels, and restaurants are examples of properties this loan is available for.

This type of loan generally takes 5 to 20 years to be paid off, with rates similar to traditional ones.

How do you apply for a commercial and industrial loan? First and foremost, the lender will be the one judging whether your creditworthiness, your collateral, and your financial ratios will satisfy the lender. If all of these factors satisfy the lender, then your application will be approved quickly.

Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan is a short-term, high-interest rate type of loan, lasting from a year up to five years. Paying it off as quickly as possible is the plan because we do not want you to pay the max interest rates.

This type of loan comes from a company or an individual, who will then focus on what your collateral is.

Hard money loans are loans that do not care whether the borrower has the capability to pay off the loan, what the lenders are eyeing is the collateral presented.

We still have all sorts of loans we can offer, and can be seen and browsed on by visiting our website!
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We at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group, wish to see your business prosper. We will do our best to provide you the resources you will need.

Contact us, the best financing company in the entire city of Palm Beach County by dialing our hotline or by sending an email. Choosing us as your financing company will not disappoint you!

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.

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