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We here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group are North Lauderdale, FL’s number one option for commercial real estate loans.

So, if you’re planning to take a commercial real estate loan for you to be able to construct or build a new commercial establishment, if you’re looking to refinance a prior mortgage, or if you need to refinance a prior mortgage, our commercial real estate loans would be able to help!

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group-north lauderdale FL

What Lenders Generally Look For

More often than not, private money lenders and banks would look for a couple of things before they say yes to a particular client.

They often look for:

If you have a small company, your personal finances would be checked and assessed by lenders. This is because most, if not all small companies are owned and controlled only by a few people. This is more if you’re just starting the business. What this means is that they’ll be interested in checking out your personal credit score, your personal bank statements, financial history, tax payments, and etc.

Of course, the next thing that lenders would look at would be the property you are to invest in. Take note, though, that the property would need to be occupied by at least 51% of the business for it to qualify for a commercial real estate loan. If you’re new, you would also have to abide by the same rules.

Lastly, if you’re already an existing business, most lenders would want to have a check on the financial capabilities of your business. This means that your business must be structured and must have a computed cash flow monthly, quarterly, and annually.

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What We Look For

In our case, we focus and take time in checking the more important things. All of those are general requirements, but we here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group focus more on the current than the past.

Simply put, if you’re just starting your business, we would never take the lack of experience out from you. As a matter of fact, we will even help you secure some of the documents and the requirements you might not be familiar with.

Unlike banks, private lenders and real estate commercial loan groups like us don’t flood our clients with irrelevant and unnecessary documentation. We like it more when a particular individual or a company is just starting because they do not have any bad habits yet.

So, whatever your location is in North Lauderdale in Broward County, you can place your complete trust in us.

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Get a Free Computation!

Before you even decide, we will be able to give you a free sample computation of the loan you plan on taking out!

Shoot us an email, hit us up on our social media pages – or dial us via our hotlines! We’ll be ready and open to all inquiries and concerns you may have!

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