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Can’t decide which to choose between a hard money loan and a private money loan? If you run across this dilemma, don’t worry –we here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group can help you with both!

In fact, we can help you with many different types of funding, too such as warehouse loans, C&I loans, commercial real estate mortgages, and many more!

For the benefit of knowledge, though, we’ll still help you decide from here.

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group-lauderdale by the sea FL

What are Private Money Loans?

Private money loans simply are loans that are given by either an institution or an individual capable of providing funds. It’ll be in the discretion of the institution to give the funds whether or not collateral will be required.

In most cases though, private money loans don’t require collaterals. You can think and imagine it as a financing institution trusting you that you’ll be able to pay the loan back without any securities laid out flat on the table.

In addition, private money lenders don’t really advertise their services – hence, the term “private.”

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What are Hard Money Loans?

A hard money loan, from its term, is a type of loan that requires a “hard asset” before releasing or dispersing the funds. More often than not, the collateral or the asset is real estate. From that property or asset, the price of the principal loan and interests will be dictated.

Unfortunately, there’s an approximate shortage of hard money lenders in the industry; that’s why our company is looking for people who are looking to invest and take a loan out.

Which One Should You Choose?

We never go beyond our means of suggestion, especially to our clients. That’s the reason why we leave you the choice of whether you’ll take out a hard money loan or a private money loan.

However, the following factors might help you clear out the thoughts and the questions you have:

  • Our private money loans, more often than not, have smaller interest rates and more flexible payment terms (depending on your history, credit score, recurrence, etc.)
  • When it comes to security and higher chances of approval, hard money loans make much more sense
  • If you have a real estate property with value, going for a hard money loan would be the best option (for you to get a higher loan amount)

Wherever you may be in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea in the state of Florida, you can bank and count on us here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group to help you.

You can choose our private money loans or our hard money loans and we will draft up an agreement or a term that best goes with it.

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