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Do you understand the risks of taking out a C&I loan? It’s true that it’s one of the easiest and the simplest loans you can take out if you have a business, but do you know how it works entirely? Before you decide on taking out a C&I loan from a bank, try to widen your choices to other lenders, too.

But, if you are here in Homestead, FL and you’re looking for the best and the most convenient deals, you can consider our company here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group as your first option.

Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group-homestead FL

Understanding C&I Loans

In a nutshell, a C&I loan or a Commercial & Industrial loan is a type of loan taken by businesses and by commercial establishments to handle a short-term financing or funding need. It can be anything from working capital, capital purchasing, acquisition and mergers, short-term cash flow, and etc.

To give you an example, company A is looking to be in partners with its supplier because doing so will increase the sales inevitably. Therefore, they’d need to pay the supplier $15,000 to do it. They take a C&I loan out of $25,000, pay the supplier $15,000, and they use the remaining $10,000 to offset some of the companies liabilities.

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Pros and Cons of Using C&I Loans

Some of the most common advantages of C&I loans include, but of course not limited to:

Fast and Quick Way to Get Funding

Instead of taking out a bank loan, which can take more than 2 months, you’ll be able to get a C&I loan from a commercial real estate investor in about a week!

Can Go High With Collateral Value

While most often than not, the value of C&I loans is just at the lower bracket, it can go up if the collateral or the security you’ll declare has high value.

No Deep Requirements and Documentation Needed

You wouldn’t have to submit documentary requirements that are not needed! Lenders would just usually ask you what’s important!

Here are some of the disadvantages and the drawback of taking one, though.

Short Repayment Term

Usually, the repayment terms of these C&I loans sit between two (2) to three (3) years only – it’s rare to see C&I loans that can go as long as 5 years.

Higher Interest Rates

Moreover, the interest rates on these C&I loans would be higher than what you would be expecting – it’s also the reason why the interest rate is only up for two (2) years.

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Find a lender that would never give you these headaches!

So, if you’re in Homestead, FL and you are in need of a commercial real estate loan guarantor, you can bank and trust us here at Florida Commercial Real Estate Loan Group to help you with it.

We’ll be more than happy and glad to help you – and we are just a call or an email away! Work with us now and get the best C&I loan you can get in the market today!

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